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Experts' CV Abstracts
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Our Agricultural and Animals Group includes professional with hands-on experience in the fields, in the feed mills, in the food processing plants, and in the animal clinics. Expertise includes agricultural equipment and machinery, materials, processes, operations, and management; grain explosions; soil management; food production and processing; OSHA, USDA, and FDA regulations; biology; forestry; landscaping; aquatics; environmental surveys; horse handling; dog behavior and temperament; and animal welfare, including diseases and reproduction.
Agricultural and Animal Experts
CV Abstracts

Arthur M. Brate, PE;
Agricultural Engineer
Mr. Brate has over 40 years experience as an Agricultural Engineer. His expertise and experience includes water drainage; hydrology; site development; environmental planning; flood control; dams; channels; levees; surface and subsurface water flows; agricultural and urban drainage problems; field topographic surveys; erosion control structures; construction inspection; land improvement; soil and water conservation; soil bio-engineering; damaged streams; hypoxia; grassed waterways; and automated control structures.

Art’s Past and Present Memberships include The American Society of Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering; The Ohio Land Improvement Contractors Association; and The Soil and Water Conservation Society. Art received the NRCS Federal Engineer of the Year Award, in 2002; and the Ohio Water Hall of Fame Award, in 2007.

Larry C. Brown, PhD;
Agricultural Engineer

Mr. Brown has more than 20 years experience involving agriculture and farm equipment, materials, and operations.  His expertise includes land drainage, erosion control, irrigation methods, soil and water management, land use assessment, and environmental surveys. 

Larry's professional memberships include:  the American Society of Agricultural Engineers; the Soil and Water Conservation Society; the Water Management Association of Ohio; the Ohio Academy of Science Membership; Sigma Xi; and Tau Beta Pi.

Cheryl Ann Carlson;
Dog Expert
Ms. Carlson has over 30 years experience in dog behavior, standard-of-care, and temperament; attacks and bites; police K-9, including drugs and explosives detection training; breeding, training, and boarding; protection and security; certification and judging; and emergency medical services.

Cheryl's past and present certifications include: Full United Kennel Club Service Dog Judge; National Qualified Judge by K9 Pro Sports Associations; Judge by the National Association of Protection Dogs; Trial Decoy by National Association of Protection Dogs; Instructor for Emergency Medical Services; and "Homme de Attaque." Cheryl was also a past President of the North American Ring Association.
Malcolm K. Lim, PE;
Civil Engineer
Mr. Lim has over 25 years’ experience involving Civil/Structural Engineering analysis, design, fabrication, and testing.  His experience and expertise includes power plants, pipes and tunnels; field investigations; nondestructive testing; high rise buildings; balconies; bridges; piers; decks; structural distress; excessive displacement; excessive vibration; partial or total collapse; roofing systems; roadway pavements and runways; parking structures; materials testing; concrete products; document control; record creation and maintenance; international standards; corrosion; welding; quality control; certified SCUBA underwater inspections; impulse radar; ultrasonic testing; tunnel linings; garage barrier safety; post-tensioned beams; and concrete degradation.

Malcolm is a Registered Professional Engineer in several states, holds two patents, and has authored or co-authored dozens of books and publications.
Timothy R. McGreal, PE;
Mechanical Engineer
Mr. McGreal has almost 20 years experience as a Mechanical Engineer, with over 25 years experience as an Automotive Mechanic. His expertise includes consumer products; automobile/trucks/other vehicles; fuel-fired appliances; explosions; fire suppression systems; fire alarm systems; plumbing systems; gas supply systems; code compliance; moisture intrusion; roof damage assessments; HVAC equipment; construction, agricultural, commercial, and industrial equipment and machinery; computational fluid dynamics (CFD); power tools; medical equipment; product design and packaging; human factors and warnings; and patent infringement.

Tim is a Registered Professional Engineer and has been awarded two patents. His Professional Affiliations include The Society of Fire Protection Engineers; The National Fire Protection Association; and The Society of Automotive Engineers.
Thomas A. Parker, PhD;
Mr. Parker has over 40 years experience as an Entomologist. His expertise includes entomology, including pest control, wood-destroying organisms, pesticides, and bedbug infestations; termite control; lawn spraying; commercial sanitation; fumigation; smoke odor; fungi and mold; vegetation control; aerial spraying; mosquito and malaria spraying; infectious disease control; water quality monitoring; disease surveys; field and forage crops; control of spiders; insecticide formulations; ultra-violet radiation; and mosquito ecology. 

Mr. Parker has over 30 publications dealing with pest control and management. He is also the inventor of "The Silver Skunk," a metered pesticide power spray unit for professional termite control and lawn spraying.
Richard W. Rau
Horse Expert
Mr. Rau has more than 35 years experience involving the design, planning, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of automotive assembly plant equipment.  His experience includes preparing and presenting safety training guidelines, including ergonomic requirements.  Richard was also responsible for OSHA crane and hoist inspections.

Richard has been involved in raising, handling, training, showing, and judging horses for more than 40 years.  He presently holds a judges license for six breeds, and judges 20-30 shows per year across the United States and Canada.  He still competes in horse shows in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana with his two daughters.
Donald E. Sanders, DVM, Dip ACT, PAS; Veterinarian Expert Dr. Sanders has more than 25 years experience as a veterinarian.  His expertise includes animal reproduction; animal welfare; animal biotechnology; animal embryo transfer; livestock water supply; bovine mastitis; animal production; milk production; artificial insemination; farm management; animal parasitism; euthanasia; malpractice; animal environment; dairy management; animal nutrition; animal diseases; stray voltage; and toxicology. 

Don is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Association of Bovine Practitioners, the American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners, the American Association of Swine Veterinarians, the American College of Theriogenology, the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association, and the Society for Theriogenology.  He is licensed in Michigan, Ohio, New Mexico, and has reciprocity in 23 other states.

Ewen C. Todd, PhD;
Food Safety and Public Health Expert
Dr. Todd has over 45 years experience as a Food Safety and Public Health Expert. His expertise includes food safety, including processing, handling, transporting, storing, and serving; food poisoning; hand hygiene; outbreak investigation; food science; hazards analysis and critical control points; restaurants and foodservice; disease transmission; toxicology; risk assessments; US and Canadian food regulations; and E.Coli, Campylobacter, Salmonella, Shigella, Botulism, Ciguatera, Yeast, and other agents.

Ewen’s publications include 114 research papers; 14 reviews; 30 book chapters and booklets; 40 departmental publications (including 10 annual summaries of food and waterborne disease in Canada); 37 conference proceedings; 9 laboratory methods; 56 investigational and editorial articles; 100 published abstracts; and 3 proceedings/book edits.

He also has over 400 presentations at national and international meetings, over 200 invitations to speak, and the presentation of 7 workshops.
Robert A. Yano, PE
Mechanical Engineer; Agricultural Equipment Expert

Licensed Engineer in Michigan, Ohio, California, Indiana
Mr. Yano has over 35 years experience as a Registered Mechanical Engineer involving all aspects of machinery and equipment design, fabrication, testing, and maintenance. His expertise includes agricultural machinery and equipment, including field, feed-lot, feed-mill, silo storage, and food processing; grainery explosions; dust handling; grain transport and storage; safety requirements, including OSHA regulations.

Bob is a member of The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers; The Society of Automotive Engineers; The National Safety Council; The National Fire Protection Association; and The American Society of Mechanical Engineers.