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Leading Technologies is your leading source for multi-disciplined Forensic Experts.  With more than 200 experts in over 100 discipline areas, we can provide you with one or a team of Forensic Experts to support your Plaintiff, Defense, or Insurance Investigations.


Areas of expertise include: vehicle crashes including vehicle crash reconstruction, vehicle design, highways, and tires; product liability; premises liability  including manual and automatic doors and slips, trips and falls; construction, including procedures, materials, equipment, and work zone safety; bridges and railroads; dams and mines; geology, forestry, and meteorology; industrial, manufacturing, and commercial; packaging, transport, and material handling; civil, structural, and architectural; elevators and escalators; fires, explosions and carbon monoxide; electrical, controls, and instrumentation; agricultural, animal, aquatics, and biology; human factors including warnings, visibility, and man-machine interactions; environmental, occupational, and toxicology; playgrounds and amusement parks; sports and recreation; boating and marine; medical, medical equipment, dental, and nursing; psychology and psychiatry; pharmacology; biomechanical and biomedical; orthotics and prosthetics; accounting and economics; computers and document identification; securities fraud and brokerages; real estate and insurance; intellectual property; vocational and life care planning; and weapons, police, criminal, and security investigations.

Expert CV Abstracts

Robert E. Addington, CPA;
Accounting services; bankruptcy; income, sales, withholding and intangible tax audits; business valuations; divorce settlements; business interruptions and lost sales/profits; mergers and acquisitions; restaurant accounting; real estate and business financing; IRS negotiations; courtroom testimony.
John M. Agosti, CFEI;
Fire and Explosion Investigator

Structure fires; vehicle fires; fire deaths/injuries: evidence collection and spoliation; witness interviews; still and video photography; building and fire codes, including fire/building code violations; life safety code violations; smoke, fire, carbon dioxide detector and alarm issues; fire spread issues; fire sprinklers, walls, and doors.; fire exits and illumination; fire prevention analysis; fire department practices, including fire department operations/practices/management; firefighter deaths/injuries/safety; origin and make initial determination of cause including structures, vehicles, equipment, and marine; insurance claims and criminal cases involving theft, fires, fraud, and conspiracies to commit arson; electrocutions; investigation of bombings and incendiary fires; boiler and furnace fires/explosions; LP and natural gas fires/explosions; kitchen range fires; spontaneous combustions; electrical fires, including automobile, truck, boats, and equipment; fireplace, flue, and chimney fires; home appliance fires; industrial fires and explosions.


Paul Albanese, ASGCA;
Golf Course Design Management Expert

Golf course design, construction, management, operations, and maintenance; resort master plans; clubhouse planning; residential planning; public park planning; practice facilities; ski mountainside design; maintenance crew management; mowing operations; permitting and financing; turfgrass science; landscape architecture; golf course grading and draining; brownfield design.

Timothy S. Allen, MD; Psychologist Psychology; traumatic brain injury; medical malpractice; standard of care; suicide; informed consent; medical ethics; worker’s compensation; medical licensure review; fitness for duty; dangerousness assessment; competency to stand trial; criminal responsibility; employer consultation – workplace violence; post-traumatic stress disorder; accommodation for standardized examinations (ADA); mood disorders; child custody evaluations; child testimony; antidepressants; personality disorders; insanity defense; anxiety disorders; repressed memories; psychopharmacology; depression; psychiatric evaluations; telepsychiatry; effects of cocaine; effects of carbon monoxide poisoning; anxiety disorders; panic disorders; antisocial personality disorders.
J. Nick Augustine; Publicity, Marketing, and Public Relations Expert Publicity; public relations; firm branding; media marketing; advertising; management systems; auditing; social networking; consumer psychology.
David A. Bade, PE;
Civil Engineer
Licensed Engineer in Michigan

Construction practice; commercial, retail and industrial building design and construction; hoist, rigging, crane design, operations, and supervision; building, highway and heavy civil construction; job site safety; supervision of construction trade labor; bridges; excavations and deep shaft construction; form work, bracing, rigging and shoring systems; road widening; intersection improvements; water and sewage treatment facilities; underground utility, pipeline, mass excavation and open-cut trenching; wetlands and flood plains investigations; shallow and deep foundation systems; building and land development; tunnels, caissons, cofferdams; earth embankments, dams, retaining walls, earth fill, landfills; structural concrete; water intrusion; environmental assessments; traffic assessments; tower design; road messaging systems; construction estimates; asphalt and concrete paving; concrete parking structures.

Daniel E. Barker;
Mechanical and Industrial Expert

Mechanical system malfunctions and defects; product failures; industrial equipment electrical and mechanical safety incidents, including OSHA and UL listing requirements; assembly of aircraft flight instruments; design and testing of high volume production automotive engine components; water and air treatment systems; home appliance design, including refrigerators and vacuums.

John G. Barnes;
Trucking Industry Expert

Truck insurance underwriting; coverage form and claims; trucking operations; driver manuals; driver hiring practices; FMCSA compliance; safety audits; monitoring of safety and maintenance programs; driver training; commercial insurance; trucking practices; trucking policies and supervision; over-the-road truck driving and operations; truck and parts purchasing; truck repair and towing; snow removal.

James E. Barnhart, PE;
Civil Engineer and Bridge Expert

Licensed Engineer in Ohio, West Virginia

Construction practice including bridge and highway design, construction, repair, maintenance, inspection, and demolition; concrete technology including production, preparation, installation, finishing, testing, maintenance, and repairs; bridge technology instructor; insurance investigator.


Douglas B. Baumgarten, CHFD, CMES, CPES;
Exercise and Fitness Expert

Recreational facility design, operation, and maintenance; exercise equipment; codes and standards; sports risk management; incident reconstruction; warnings liability; supervision liability; standard of care liability; personal coaching/training; fitness testing; instructor training.

Mike Baumgartner;
Tent Expert

Tent layout, installation, repair, maintenance, inspection, and tear-down; tent technology trainer including usage during adverse weather conditions; tent operations for sizes ranging up to approximately 10,000 square feet.

Robert Belloto, Jr., RPh, PhD, CGP, FASCP;
Pharmacology Expert
Licensed in Ohio and Pennsylvania
Toxicology and pharmacokinetics concerning drug warnings, interactions, and reactions; medication therapy management services; reviewing patient charts; drug therapy recommendations; drug therapy monitoring; drug information services; contract instructional services; pharmaceutical calculating; admixtures and chemotherapy treatments; antibiotics; thromboembolism, arrhythmias, sleep disorder, biostatics, and schizophrenia studies; Intoxylizer 5000, 8000 and BAC DataMaster breath testing; urine alcohol testing; anticoagulation therapy; geriatric pharmacology; lipid management; child pharmacokinetics; aging drug effects; statins; strokes; pharmacotherapy; antimicrobial therapy; nutritional standards; neuro-oncology.
Steve Bernheim, BCFE, ACFE, CPCM;
Sports and  Recreation Expert

Recreational facilities liability; equipment evaluation and testing; code and standards assessments; sports risk management; incident reconstruction; playground surface resiliency testing; warnings liability; supervision liability; standard-of-care liability; amusement park ride safety; go-cart safety; snowsports (snowmobiling, skiing, skating, sledding).

William M. Bisordi, MD, FACP; Gastroenterology/Internal Medicine Expert Gastroenterology; hepatology; internal medicine; Esophagus: surgery, endoscopic procedures, GERD, perforation, cancer, varices; Stomach: ulcer, NSAIDS, cancer, H.pylori; Small intestine: Crohn's disease, malabsorption, obstruction; Colon: perforation, polyps, cancer, diverticulosis, ulcerative colitis; Anal: rectal disease- hemorrhoids, fissures, cancer, sexually transmitted disease ; Liver: cirrhosis, metastatic cancer, metabolic disease, hepatitis; Gall bladder: laparoscopic cholecystectomy, cholecystitis; Pancreas: ERCP, pancreatitis, malignancy.
Dr. Theron Blickenstaff, MD, FACOEM;
Medical, Occupational, and Environmental Expert


Workers Compensation; Social Security Disabilities; toxic tort; product liability; indoor air quality; mold; workplace exposures; lung diseases; cleaning chemicals inhalation/ingestion; a plastic anemia; epidemiology; exposure limits; carcinogens; reproductive hazards; Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS); risk assessments; chemical sensitivities; idiopathic environmental intolerance; fitness-for-work examinations; communicable diseases; general preventative, environmental, and occupational medicine.

Marianne H. Boeing, RN, MSN, CLCP;
Nursing Expert

Patient care and nursing practices, including medical facility �standard-of-care� procedures; assess individuals with severe, catastrophic disabilities determining needs for care, equipment and services; conduct research trans-disciplinary consultation; produce Life Care Plans: expertise includes spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, birth injuries; chronic diseases; dysrhythmia monitoring; organ transplantation needs, amputation/prosthetic needs, and "high-tech" home and facility care issues; case management services to implement Life Care Plans; total patient care in critical care units, including medical, surgical, cardiac and telemetry.

Christopher R. Bommarito, IAI;
Forensic science and chemistry; trace evidence analysis; analytical methods including GC-MS, SEM-EDS, FTIR, HPLC, IC, and GC; wet chemistry; crime scene reconstruction; clandestine drug laboratory investigations; drug analysis; paint analysis; fiber and wood analysis; glass analysis; soil analysis; bloodstain pattern analysis; scanning electron microscopy; crime scene search; stereochemistry and chromatography; explosive residue and pyrotechnics;  footwear and footprints; fingerprinting; controlled substances; fire debris analysis; knots and ligatures; tire impressions; forensic photography; spectroscopy and microscopy; forensic entomology; human remains decomposition; airbag analysis; lamp examinations.
Donato J. Borrillo, MD, J.D.;
Medical and Human Factors Expert
Aerospace medicine, including human factors, medical certification, sudden incapacitation, time of useful consciousness, aviation accident investigation; occupational medicine, including IMEs, Med Review Officer drug screen questions; hyperbaric medicine, including carbon monoxide exposure and treatment and dive accidents; wound care, including decub wound prevention/healing, chronic wound care, diabetic wound care; FAA training and evaluations.
Gregory L. Boso, PE;
Civil Engineer
Potable water, wastewater, and storm water; culverts; landslides; foundations; hydrologic and hydraulic analyses; flood plain management; water collection, pumping, treatment, distribution, and storage; residential, commercial, and industrial site development; blasting; transportation engineering; building construction; building code administration and enforcement; building inspections; trusses and sheathing; fences; hazardous materials; construction project resident engineering; fire fighting and training; emergency vehicle operation.
Arthur M. Brate, PE;
Agricultural Engineer
Water drainage; hydrology; site development; environmental planning; flood control; dams; channels; levees; surface and subsurface water flows; agricultural and urban drainage problems; field topographic surveys; erosion control structures; construction inspection; land improvement; soil and water conservation; soil bio-engineering; damaged streams; hypoxia; grassed waterways; automated control structures.
Diane S. Brown, RN;
Nursing Expert

Patient health care including acute and critical care nursing; coronary care; post-operative open-heart surgery; assisted-living care; nurse training and supervision; LCC standards; federal, state and local regulations; nursing home and long-term care.

Larry C. Brown, PhD; Agricultural Engineer

Agriculture and farms including equipment, materials, and operations; food and biological engineering; hydraulics, including land drainage, irrigation and erosion; soil and water management; land use assessment; wetlands; water quality; environmental surveys.

Christine Bruning, MSN, RN;
Nursing Expert
Patient care; nursing practice; OB labor and delivery; perinatal woman's health; nursing management and leadership; clinical research and practice; postpartum care; nursery care; birth center deliveries; childbirth education; caring for newborns; pediatrics; medical surgery.
Michael Burnstein, MD;
Medical Psychiatry Expert

Forensic psychiatry; child and adolescent psychiatry; competency determinations; insanity evaluations; commitment to hospitalization; danger and suicide assessments; independent psychiatric evaluations; medical malpractice; mental health law; sexual harassment; correctional facility and prison mental health; restraint and seclusion of patients; school mental health, special education; mental retardation, autism, asbergers syndrome; family violence; post-traumatic stress disorder; disability evaluations/ workers compensation.

Jack Butcher;

Tree felling safety procedures, timber trespass, tree valuations, landscape restoration plans and cost, comprehensive land use planning, pest and disease control, stump removal, hazard tree identification, landscape design, installation, and maintenance.

James John Butler; Banking,
Financial, and Real Estate Expert
Banking and financial operations, transactions, and fiduciary responsibilities; investor relations; pricing negotiations; profitability models; ROA and ROE projections; loan and mortgage reviews; credit analysis; training seminars; refinancing, restructuring, and amortization – strategy workouts; lending and mortgage transactions, including Asset-Based, Commercial Real Estate, Syndications, Mezzanine/Bridge, and C & I; credit investigations; loss mitigation; asset management; credit risk tolerance; loan servicing; default and distressed asset management; REO acquisitions and dispositions; cash flow analytics; profitability models; financial spread software; real estate asset management; dispensation of troubled assets and related loans; credit loan applications and renewals; loan covenant tracking; risk rating; credit reviews; LAN administration; collateral analysis; cash flow analysis; Inmatrix and Symbiant credit-risk management software; due diligence; economic loss; fraudulent activity; mail and wire fraud; foreclosures.
Cheryl Ann Carlson;
Dog Expert
Dog behavior, standard-of-care, and temperament; attacks and bites; police K-9, including drugs and explosives detection training; breeding, training, and boarding; protection and security; certification and judging; emergency medical services.
Steven R. Chapski, CPA, CFE, CSM;
Forensic Economist and Accountant
Accounting services; tax services; bankruptcies; economics; financial statements; budgets; forecasts; audit reviews; and tax returns (individual, partnership, corporate, and fiduciary); interactions with external auditors; and reconcile accounts; business valuations; fraud; embezzlement; age discrimination; fee disputes; employee contracts; asset valuation/recovery; business interruptions; cash-flow projections; gift valuations; intangibles valuation; software audits; wrongful discharge; lost wage valuation; alimony/child support; divorce settlements; retail accounting; receivables analysis; asset valuation/recovery; inventory damages; trust administrations; royalties; commissions.
Andrew T. Cobb, PhD, CCE;
Intellectual Property Expert
The discovery of electronic documents; computer forensics; the preservation, identification, extraction, documentation, and interpretation of computer data; software analysis; Java programming; Web Application Modeling (UML); Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD); Unified Process Methodology; ontology; object-oriented software measurement; defect identification and management; technology disputes; software architecture, process, and quality; security auditing; secure programming; web usability; quality assurance; backup/recovery and maintenance; TCP/IP-based applications; web development; Rational Unified Process (RUP); analog and digital electronics; electrical power and machinery; computer programming; electrical controls; medical imaging research; embedded controllers.
Alex L. Constable, MBA, ASA; Economist Economic damages calculations; wrongful death; personal injury assessments; wrongful termination; business interruptions; royalty rates; intellectual property claims; lost earnings capacity analyses; valuation and statistical analyses; employment law cases.
Steven R. Copeland, RA; Senior Architect

Architecture and facilities including design, construction and maintenance; buildings including floors, roofs, walls, windows, stairs, railings and ramps; parking lots; sidewalks; docks and platforms; ladders and scaffolding; ANSI and OSHA design and construction deficiencies; ADA compliance; professional liability (EandO); slips, trips and falls; gates and entrances; zoning regulations and variances; damage investigations including fire, water, and hail; kitchens, restaurants and food courts; retail facilities, including malls; cemeteries.

Michael E. Creighton; Forensic Electrician

Electrical design, specification, installation, maintenance, renovation, and troubleshooting in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Chadwick R. Curry;
Visual Communications Expert

Visual communication presentations including: animation, 3D modeling, graphic design, computer ACAD and multimedia; effectively communicate technical data, educational materials, forensic information, building and land development plans and commercial designs; produce accurate demonstratives for jury trials based on forensic investigations, data, expert analysis, and attorney's strategies; work extensively with the legal, engineering, architectural, scientific, commercial/industrial, educational, corporate and land/building development communities.   

George W. Cyphers, LPC, CRC, CDMS;
Vocational and Life Care Planning Expert

Life Care Planning; evaluation of economic loss; lost income; loss of earning; worklife expectancy; vocational testing, rehabilitation evaluation; work capacity evaluations including physical testing;  transferable skills analysis; ergonomic modification; clinical guidance, training, case consultation; review and interpret medical and psychological data; develop and implement rehabilitation plans; managing difficult workers; counseling ethics; childhood development disorders.

Jeff A. Davis;
SCUBA Diving Expert

Certified SCUBA diver; SCUBA services including operations, repairs, training and rescue operations; CO, CO2 and O2 poisoning; air embolism; nitrogen narcosis; PADI Master Instructor; SSI (SCUBA Schools International) Instructor Certifier; equipment techniques; search and recovery; public sector training; navigation; dive control specialist.


Kelly Joseph DeRango, PhD, MBA;

Economic damages calculations and economic analysis, concentrating on wrongful death, personal injury, wrongful termination, and employment law cases.

Robert J. Devers, Psy D;
Child/School Psychologist
Juvenile justice system; child death reviews, including SIDS; school/emergency crisis response; physical interventions; motivational interviewing; bi-polar diagnoses and treatment; historical trauma/inter-generational oppression; medical/physiological bases of addictions; child sexual abuse treatment; cognitive behavioral treatment OCD, PTSD; head start mental health provider training; working with eating disorder clients; dynamics of step families; treatment of abused and neglected children; disruptive behavioral disorders treatment; behavior management/recipient rights; treatment of developmentally disabled sexual offenders; therapeutic interventions with children; FAS & FAE diagnosis and treatment.
Timothy J. Dickson, PE, SE;
Civil/Structural Engineer
Civil/structural engineering; field investigations; laboratory studies; commercial and residential buildings and bridges constructed of reinforced concrete (conventional, pre-stressed and post-tensioned), structural steel, masonry and timber; foundation underpinning systems; earth retention systems using soil nail walls, segmental retaining walls and sheet piles; structural failures/collapses; water infiltration; roofing failures; building façade evaluations; work zone safety; windows, doors, floors, stairs, and ramps; fire, wind, ice, and snow damage; professional liability claims; preparation of construction documents; evaluation of field test-data; property loss; construction defects; natural gas explosion damage; building settlement; deteriorated concrete and masonry; building rehabilitation and renovation; high wind, tornado, and blizzard damage; precast concrete planks; structural steel frames; fatigue and static performance tests; jointless bridges; parking garage rehabilitation; bracing failure investigations.
Timothy A. Dimoff, CCP, LPI;
Security, Safety, and Police Expert
Security, safety, and police procedures; security systems planning, management, and evaluation; crime foreseeability; standards of care; causation issues; use of force; police pursuits; jail incidents; weapons use; failure to protect; drug and alcohol policies and testing; dram shop liability; corporate internal investigations; labor disputes and strikes; management training and development; security assessment and vulnerability issues; pre-employment screening and background checks; sexual harassment; workplace violence; crises management; executive security; human resource issues; corporate security; management training/employee education; arrest procedures; use of force/self defense/escalation of force; vehicle pursuit procedures; narcotics investigations/enforcement; patrol procedures; traffic enforcement procedures; accident investigations; internal investigation procedures; alternative weapons use; defensive driving; electronic restraint devices; aerosol projectors; martial arts; K-9 handler and trainer; DOT training; crack houses; clandestine labs; search warrants; dock and warehouse theft; fraud investigations; school violence and prevention.
Monica Elizabeth Doerr, MD;
Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism Expert
Endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism; internal medicine; hypothyroidism; diabetes medications; hypoglycemia; thyroid cancer; adrenal cancer; inhaled corticosteroids; adrenal insufficiency; pancreas; diabetic ketoacidosis; magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
Duane F. Dunlap, PE; Mechanical Engineer and Roadway and Railway Expert
Licensed Engineer in Michigan

Roadway and railways including design, installation, maintenance and usage; highway and railroad safety; operations research; mechanics; accident reconstruction including large trucks; railroad/highway crossing accidents; driver sound detection capabilities; roadside signage and signals; roadside structures including guardrails, signposts, impact attenuators, earthen median dikes and barrier curbs; tire/road traction research including studded tires; influence of highway curves and grades; vehicle handling characteristics; collision avoidance maneuvers; conspicuity and lighting systems; vehicle and locomotive braking characteristics; train crew actions; traffic engineering; human factors; warnings; locomotive whistle characteristics; driving task analysis; pedestrian, bicycle, and motorcycle safety and accidents.

Gary Easley, QEI;
Elevator and Escalator Expert

Elevator damage, malfunction, and personal injury; root cause failure analysis; supervision of mechanics, pipe fitters and electrical/instrument craftsmen; certification, inspection and record keeping of ASME, state regulations, and/or OSHA regulations.


Todd D. Feliks, PE

Civil Engineer;
Licensed Engineer in Michigan

Hospital, healthcare, and educational building design and construction, including flooring, painting, lighting and ceiling replacement; building standards and safety code compliance, including ADA, ANSI, NFPA, BOCA, IBC, and OSHA; Professional Liability issues and Standards of Practice; clean rooms and operating rooms; project contracts, including shop drawings, submittals, bid and project documents, and change orders.

Jason M. Ferguson;
Funeral Home and Cemetery Expert
Manage all lot sales (pre-need & at-need); arrange for ground burial services; survey, excavate, and prepare grave spaces for traditional and cremation interments; maintain electronic records of sales, deeds, and interments; lay out and construct concrete foundations for monuments; removals of the deceased; meet families for funeral arrangements and sale of merchandise; negotiate funeral contracts; assist in the preparation of the body for final disposition; manage visitations; assist at funerals; obtain and file death certificates/ permits; record keeping; manage business finances; monument sales; administer the cremation process of human remains; manufacture concrete vaults; transport, seal, and inter vaults within graves at various cemeteries; assist in disinterment/ re-interment process for exhumation or relocation purposes; deliver caskets to funeral homes.
Lisa Ferrara, D. Eng; Biomedical Engineer Musculoskeletal injuries, brain injuries, soft tissue injuries, trauma induced injuries, spinal disorders and the biomechanics of spinal trauma.  Biomechanical behavior of the brain, head injuries, defective helmets and associated brain injuries, spinal injuries, etiologies that affect the central nervous system, sensory loss, child abuse, shaken baby syndrome, and the effects of substance abuse on the brain.
Jon L. Filliez;
Elevator and Escalator Expert
Elevator and escalator maintenance, service and repair; elevator and escalator damage and malfunction evaluations; long range elevator modernization projects.
Larry Fischer, RA, AIA, NCARB

All stages of planning, design, and construction supervision for healthcare, educational, corporate, commercial, industrial, and residential buildings; zoning compliance; ANSI and Life Safety Code compliance; ADA compliance; architectural professional liability issues and standards of practice; clean and vibration-free rooms; personal injury and property damage investigations.

John Frackelton, ASE, MVIC, SSC;
Motorcycle, ATV, and Snowmobile Expert
Motorcycle, ATV, and snowmobile operations and functions; crash  reconstruction; steering, suspension, tires, wheels, and brakes; operator performance evaluations; mechanical, structural, materials, and electrical system malfunctions and defects; speed determinations; skid/scrape analysis; deformation/penetration patterns; racetrack liability; service training; product investigations and testing; fire investigations; simulator training; quality control; insurance investigations; air bag testing; motor vehicle inspector.
Seth Francis, HPET;
Engine and Vehicle Management Systems

Engine and vehicle graphical user interface systems; knock control systems; fine tuning engine management systems; designing engine calibration systems; hexadecimal engine coding, chip addressing, and vehicle communication protocol; modifying ECU/ADM's for street cars and race cars; high performance engine tuning; vehicle and engine performance and repair; parts fabrication; vehicle emission inspection machines; chassis dynamometers; five gas analyzers; controlling and reducing vehicle emissions.

William H. Glidden, PE, CFEI, PI;
echanical Engineer,
Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator, Licensed Private Investigator
Licensed Engineer in Michigan, Ohio, Texas

Vehicle crash reconstruction; mechanical systems failures; structure, vehicle, equipment and marine fires and explosions, origin and cause; product failures and injuries, including vehicle, marine, firearms, and aircraft; personal watercraft incidents and injuries; aircraft crash investigations; building plumbing, electrical, fire and HVAC systems; fire safety compliance; air and water environmental regulatory compliance; defensive driving instruction; building preventative maintenance; hospital mechanical, electrical and fire facilities; construction supervision; equipment failure evaluation; turbine engine repair.

Michael S. Gossman, MS, DABR, FAAPM;
Chief Medical Physicist & RSO
Radiation oncology; radiation therapy; radiation treatment; radiology; nuclear medicine; brachytherapy; dose; exposure; calculations; measurements; shielding; risk; Low Doserate (LDR); High Doserate (HDR); medical physics; radiation safety; medical event; misadministration; electronic brachytherapy; imaging guidance; radiotherapy treatment; radiation exposures; bioassay results; radioactive materials; Intra-Operative Radiation Therapy (IORT); Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Radiotherapy (SRS or SRT); High Dose Rate Total Skin Electron Therapy (HDTSET); Respiratory Motion Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT: Gating); Retrospective Scanning and Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (IMRT); Collaborative Ocular Melanoma (COMS); prostate seeds; RapidArc; accelerators; instrumentation; treatment planning; dosimetry; cesium, iodine, palladium, radium, iridium; radiation detection instrument calibration; radioisotope usage; accreditation; audit; investigation; calculation errors; regulations; teletherapy; safety; training; medical patent or copyright; expert; witness; consultant.
Richard A. Gregory; Elevator/ Escalator Expert 

Litigation (plaintiff and defense) involving damage, malfunction, or personal injury/death involving elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters, and similar equipment; ANSI/ASME A17 Code interpretation and compliance; elevator/escalator maintenance programs; inspections and condition assessments; control systems and controllers; construction and modernization; contract negotiations.

Paul H. Gross, CCM; Meteorologist Weather-related evaluations for vehicular accident reconstruction (including marine, aviation, and off-road); special events planning; construction delays; slip-and-fall incidents, including black ice formation; lightning strikes; property damage; time-of-death investigations; fire investigations.

Harvey W. Halbertstadt, MD;
Forensic Psychiatrist/ Psychologist

Diminished capacity; child, adolescent, and adult psychiatry; competency determinations; marriage and family counseling; sexual exhibition, rape, and trauma; police harassment; employer harassment; bank robbery; depression, anxiety, and behavioral problems; homicide; posttraumatic stress disorder; emotional impairment; closed head injuries; arson; embezzlement; factitious disorder; spousal abuse; custody; stalking; command hallucinations; addiction; kleptomania; gambling and substance abuse; insanity pleas; hypnosis.

John H. Hanst;
Sports and R
ecreation Expert

Aquatic facilities; swimming pools and spas; underwater inspections; snorkeling and scuba diving; ski facilities and ski equipment inspection and testing; playgrounds and amusement rides; bicycle design, manufacture, and operation; warnings; sports competition, officiating, and promoting; zoo facilities; golf courses; ice and roller skating, including hockey; mountain climbing equipment and activities; tennis; hang gliders; water skiing; baseball and softball; motorcycles; go-carts; snowmobiles; sledding; sports ergonomics.


John W. Hargett, III;
Forensic Document Examiner

Identification of handwriting, signatures, and hand printing; determination as to the sequence of preparation of documents or parts of documents; analysis of other features of documents that may provide information of evidentiary value.
Ann G. Harris, CPG; Geology/Mining Expert

Geological investigations; mine stability and stabilization; location and historical background of mines (Ohio and Pennsylvania); coal mining; mine reclamation; test drilling; groundwater investigations, including pollution; water supplies, including wells; hydrological impact statements, landfill placements; landslides; drainage investigations; subsidence problems; marine biology; asbestos identification.

David Harris, ACTAR;
Crash Reconstruction Expert

Vehicle crash reconstruction including autos, trucks, tractor-trailers, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, and off-road vehicles; crash retrieval systems; energy crush deformations; railroad crossings; total station mapping; computer-aided diagramming; insurance fraud; drug-interdiction; breathalyzer operation.

Robert A. Hayes, CPG; Forensic Geologist   Forensic geology; BEA's (Baseline Environmental Assessments); environmental impact statements; environmental site assessments (Phase I and Phase II); floodplain/floodway impacts; groundwater contamination investigation and remediation; groundwater discharge permits; hazardous waste evaluations; hydrogeologic studies; lake dredging impact mitigation; lake level stabilization; landfill permitting and impacts; leaking underground storage tanks (LUST); peat mining permitting and mitigation; sand and gravel resource evaluation; superfund (CERCLA) site investigation and remediation; surface water discharge permits (NPDES); surface water impacts on groundwater; well water contamination; crime scene soil and water evidence correlations; subsurface explosions; mineral resource evaluations; earth failures; drainage evaluations; property valuations; sediment identification; chemicals-in-soil "age dating"; responsible-party assessments; cost-allocation assessments (present and future).

Michael W. Hayslip, ESQ., PE, CSP;
Senior Civil Engineer
Licensed Engineer in Ohio

Construction issues, including safety and health-training; developing, maintaining, and enforcing safety policies and programs; OSHA compliance; hazardous material transportation; field safety inspections; Workers Compensation claim management; corporate safety issues; carpenter; surveyor.


Vanessa R. Heckman, RN, MSN, CNP, CLNC;

Nursing Expert 

Medical malpractice cases; independent medical examinations and histories; summarize, translate, and interpret medical records; identify causation issues; assess damages/injuries; analyze research studies; identify need for Life Care Planner; family practice, urgent care, and retail medicine; neonatal intensive care; medical-surgical; home health; pediatrics; office nursing; assess, diagnose, and treat acute illnesses; patient and family education; suturing, eye examinations, and foreign body removal, splinting, and reading X-rays; pelvic exams and newborn assessment; lab result and X-ray reviews.
Timothy S. Hefty, CPA, CFE, CFF, DABFA;
Economist and Accountant
Accounting, economics, and finance issues; fraudulent activity; economic damages; business valuations; professional malpractice; mergers and acquisitions; damage calculations; lost profit analysis; insurance claims; marital relations and dissolutions; identification of assets; asset tracing; estate and gift tax planning; succession planning; shareholder and partner disputes; asset diversion; spousal and/or child support; breach of contract; wrongful discharge; trademark infringement; business interruption/impediment.
Richard Hermance, FE, ACE;
Vehicle Crash Reconstruction and Snowmobile Expert
Vehicle crashes; snowmobile operations and functions, including safety; operator performance evaluations; speed determinations; skid/scrape analysis; deformation/penetration analysis; vehicle and component research and testing; seat belts, including child restraints; pedestrian and bicycle incidents; crash computer simulations; trail design and safety, including signage; human factors, including daytime/nighttime visibility and reaction times; occupant trajectory; motorcycles, ATVs, racing cars, and watercraft; buses, motor homes, and trailers, including campers; dynamic traction analysis; injury and crash biomechanics; Crash Data Recorder (CDC) analysis; acceleration and braking tests; farm equipment.
Thomas J. Hern;
Automotive Consultant

Automotive dealership sales, service, and operations; automotive dealership evaluations; relationships between dealers and manufacturers; dealership and vehicle valuations; dealership training; technology consulting; accounting systems; cost segregation studies; benchmark reviews.

Martin T. Hetherington, PhD;
Aquatic Biologist
Aquatics; biology; ecology; forestry; environmental physiology, including conservation and control policies; environmental education; ecological studies; energy education.
James R. Heyl, PE;
Senior Electrical Engineer

Licensed Engineer in Michigan

Industrial equipment; material handling systems; automation and robotic systems; power supplies; control systems; computer and PLC programming; quality control and safety; manufacturing operations; facilities construction and maintenance; electrical fires and explosions for equipment, structures, and vehicles; switchgear and substations; automated machinery; safety, predictive, and preventive maintenance programs; conveyor systems; safety interlocks; safety violations; instrumentation systems; AC/DC motors; code compliance; marina electrical systems; underground electrical distribution; welding systems; test cells; lighting systems including sport facilities and roadways.

James R. Hill, PE;
Mechanical Engineer

Licensed Engineer in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Arkansas, Wisconsin

Building HVAC, plumbing, fire protection and electrical, including design, installation damage, malfunction, and personal injury; code and safety compliance, including ADA; maintenance requirements and implementation; hot water and steam boilers; air/steam turbines, compressors, pumps, fans, and vacuum systems; refrigeration and freezer defects; bakery and food processing equipment and facilities; power and lighting systems; locker rooms and restrooms; ventilation and indoor air quality requirements.

Richard E. Hitz, MLA;

Comprehensive land use planning; site design; landscape analysis and design; tree and landscape protection planning; tree and landscape damage and valuation assessments; timber trespass; landscape restorations and cost.

Norman B. Hochfeld; Senior Electrical Expert   

Plant engineering; industrial equipment design, installation and maintenance; controls and instrumentation; PLC and CNC logic; electrical distribution systems; facility security systems; fire protection systems; life safety automation systems; communication systems; motors and controllers; power monitors; material handling and processing equipment; computer and data processing systems; lightning and cathodic protection; pneumatic and electronic controllers; HVAC including chillers, boilers, and air handlers; dust and fume collection systems; elevators; lockout/tag-out procedures; personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements; wiring and labeling classifications; robotic systems; fiber optics; consumer electronic equipment repairs.


Dwight Keith Hoffman, PhD;
Adhesive/ Sealant/ Coatings Expert

Adhesives; sealants; coatings including water-based coatings; organic chemistry; homogeneous catalysis; epoxy resins; polyurethanes; ring opening polymerization; micro encapsulation; vinyl polymerization; foams including polystyrene foam products and processing, automotive seat foams and isocyanurate foams; modular windshield adhesives; copolymer polyol processing; high surface tension emulsion polymerization.

Blaine J. Hoffmann, MS, OSHM; Safety Expert Workplace safety, training, investigations, accident investigations and audits; legal aspects of safety and health; training and development programs; written program development; interpretation of OSHA general industry and construction industry, healthcare industry standards; VPP program management; MSHA training and regulatory interpretations; 40-hr HAZWOPER; Arc-Flash (NFPA 70E).
James Gilbert Houston, PhD;
Criminal Justice Expert 
Correctional department training and consultation; work release programs; jail policies and procedures; gang violence, including prison gangs; delinquency; drug abuse, including addiction relapse; juvenile justice system; criminal behavior; prison management; social service programs; probation policies; public safety.
Steven C. Howard;
Police, Security, Weapons, and Ballistics Expert
Police operations/conduct; security procedures; building, personal, personnel, and yacht security; self-defense claims; self-defense tactics; criminal evidence and procedures; DNA evidence; wildlife regulations and management; crime scene preservation; searches of homes, vehicles, and persons; drug enforcement operations; international border operations; electronic surveillance; questioning and interrogations; high speed pursuit driving; firearms training; detention center booking, fingerprinting, photographing, and in-processing procedures; arrest reports; illegal weapons; shotgun patterning; firearm and ammunition malfunctions; setting trigger pulls; defects in warnings and design; tool-mark identifications; internal, external, terminal ballistics; shooting reconstruction; gunshot residue and cross-contamination; stab and cut investigations; accidental discharge; ejections analysis; penetration testing; serial number restoration; weapon tampering; bomb and incendiary devices; weapons safety; forced entry tools; armor; armored cars and homes; weapons repair; ammunition reloading; tranquilizer guns; industrial manufacturing tools and equipment; hand tools; close circuit cameras; motion detectors; metal detectors; security doors; lock manipulation; alarm systems; asset verification; missing persons; document fraud; landlord-tenant law; family law and child custody; immigration and naturalization law; deportation hearings; social security law; disability claims.
Melissa Humbert-Washington, MSW, LSW;
Social Work Expert
Social work; client care; agency/housing administration, policies, operations, supervision, and practices; standard-of-care; TSA rural housing programs; diagnostic assessments and updates; individualized service plans; referrals; discharge and transfer summaries; assessments and intervention plans; interagency collaboration; homelessness services; Primrose lesson plans and daily requirements; infant and child care; therapeutic foster care; group and individual interventions; academic activities; therapeutic activities; Turning Point.
Joseph A. Incavo, PhD;
Tire Expert
Tire forensics; material science of elastomers, polymers, and chemicals; FEA (Finite Element Analysis); manufacturing; testing; compounding; quality processes; intellectual property and patent support; reformulation analysis/interpretation; thermostats, thermoplastics, fillers, additives, and curatives; polyurethane elastomer products; Duraseal Tire Sealant; depolymerized butyl rubber; RFID tags; pyrolysis GC/MS; volatiles analysis; gas analysis; analytical instrumentation; hexane, ethylene, and polyethylene quality; petrochemical plants; gas chromatography; handling of toxic gases; clean rooms; tire molds; electron spectroscopy.
Ronald W. Inman;
Real Estate Appraiser

Real estate appraisals; real estate transactions; property devaluations; property inspections; US Department of HUD compliance regulations.

Laurence A. Jacobs, MD, FACOG;
Ob/Gyn – Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Expert
Review medical records; gynecologic laparoscopy surgery complications (bowel, bladder, or blood vessel); infertility, in-vitro fertilization, and reproductive endocrinology; multiple pregnancies and tubal ectopic pregnancies; fertility drugs, miscarriages, and pelvic infections; endometriosis and pelvic adhesions.
D. Eric Johnson, CEP;
Forensic photography; evidence collection; lighting techniques; crime scene photography; accident scene photography; product failure photography; personal injury photography; macro photography; portrait photography; advanced digital file management; image enhancement techniques.
Loretta J. Kaes, RN, C, BSN, CALA, LNHA;
Assisted Living and Nursing Home Expert

Patient health care including assisted living and nursing home administration, operations, supervision, and practices; “standard-of-care” procedures; development of policies and procedures; quality assurance nursing practices; mental health units; care and treatment of geriatric residents; state and federal agency inspections; subacute care units; physical restraints; psychoactive medications; geriatric assessments; emergency room operations; surgical intensive care units; rehabilitation nursing.

John M. Kamins;
Finance/Securities/Disclosure Expert
Finance, securities, disclosures, and fiduciary responsibilities; public and corporate finance; media/entertainment law; bond and note financing; cash deficit funding; structuring and underwriters’ counsel; public pension finance; securities offerings; private placements; SEC reporting; mergers and acquisitions; intellectual property; actuarial pension liabilities; financial condition analysis; federal trademark registration; entertainment contracts; disclosure responsibilities and fraud; trust indentures; municipal bonds; securities law violations.
Daniel B. Kennedy, PhD, CPP, CSP;
Security and Safety Expert

Premises security and safety including planning, implementation and evaluation; crime forseeability; standards of care; causation issues; use of force; police pursuits; custodial suicides; failure to protect; health care services; confinement conditions; surveillance security systems; profiling and threat assessment; workplace violence; security training management and administration; police administration; investigation methodology; comparative security; victimology; inmate counseling; rape and sexual violence; spousal abuse; residence and lodging security; mall and parking lot safety and security; loss prevention; shoplifting; crime scene profiling; victimized tourists; insanity judgments; correctional reform; cocaine-related violence; crowd and riot control; school violence; negligent hiring; police liability.

Theodore D. Kessis, PhD;
DNA and Biology Expert

DNA and biology issues; Molecular Microbiology; Gynecologic Pathology; Immunology; Infectious Disease; Pathobiology; Virology.

Edward A. Kidston, WSL; Well/Water Systems Expert Wells and water systems, including all phases from initial design through final approval, and preventative maintenance; aerators; gravity filters; pressure filters; ion exchange softeners; chemical feed pumps; membrane filtration; telemetry; and controls.
Dennis Michael King, FAIA, FESD, LEED, AP;
Construction property damage, defects, and personal injury; architecture construction claims; premises/professional liabilities; construction operations; construction marketing; project management; claims arbitration; dispute settlement; LEED Green Buildings; energy and environmental design.
Allan E. Klein, CPM;
Property Management Expert
Property management; commercial/residential standards of care; industry practices; premises liability; personal liability; inspections; habitability; mold; maintenance; health and safety; contracts/leases; fair housing; tenant/landlord disputes/law; financial reporting; security; slip/trip/falls; negligent hiring/supervision; policies and procedures; wrongful eviction; commercial/residential investments; marketing; physical inspections; budget forecasts; managers policies and procedures; energy conservation programs; public relations; ethical practices; assisted housing; condominium and cooperative associations; risk management; HUD Occupancy Certification.
John W. Koshak, QEI, CEI;
Elevator/Escalator Expert

Elevator and escalator damage, malfunction, and personal injury/death; risk analysis facilitation; code compliance; elevator system design, including design of a machineroom-less elevator system; designed the LifeJacket hydraulic elevator safety device; direct and indirect hydraulic elevators; geared and gearless traction elevators; escalators; moving walks; wheelchair lifts; dumbwaiters.

Robert C. Krause, MS, EMT-P, CFI;
Emergency Medical Services Expert
Emergency Medical Services (EMS); Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT); emergency vehicle driving operations; EMS chart and protocol reviews; EMS, EMT, and paramedic policies, procedures, and standards of care; emergency communications procedures; fire department operations, ambulance operations, fire department training procedures; fire suppression tactics; fire, rescue, and extrication operations; law enforcement policies and procedures; safety and security training; emergency medicine, including pediatric; medical records review; first responder training; OSHA compliance; water safety; telecommunications; respiratory and cardiac arrest; chemical agents, including WMD's; school violence and security; workplace violence.
Margo Bonnell Kunze, RN; Nursing Home and Assisted Living Expert Patient health care; assisted living and nursing home administration, operations, supervision, and practices, including “standard-of-care” procedures; clinical care consultation; quality improvement programs; quality audit tools; regulatory compliance; state survey preparation; problem identification and solutions; state and federal inspections; Achieve EMR Training; Federally mandated MDS (Minimum Data Set); OBRA regulatory compliance; Folstein Mini Mental Status Examination; restraints; psychoactive medications; Alzheimer’s disease; Dementias; geriatric health care; chemotherapy and pain management; data collections systems and tools; hospice activities; in-home respite care; Home Medical Alert Systems; falls management; medication management.
John P. Lauhoff, PE, CSP; Safety Engineer
Licensed Engineer in Massachusetts

Injuries, damage, malfunctions, and personnel issues related to machinery and equipment design, fabrication, maintenance, operations, procedures, training, and safety procedures; accident investigation/reconstruction; slips, trips, and falls; industrial vehicles; machinery/equipment guarding; hand/power tools; work-related injuries; safety grievances; safety training programs; monitor outside contractors.

Richard Frank Lavi, MD, FAAAAI, FAAP;
Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Medical Expert
Medical issues, including allergies, asthma, immunology, and associated symptoms/syndromes; plant molecular biology; special needs children; plasma cell myositis; T-cell immunodeficiency; nutrition; rheumatoid arthritis; immune dysfunction.
Caryn A. Leifer, BA, RN, LNC, CALA;
Assisted Living and Nursing Home Expert
Assisted living and nursing homes, including administration, operations, supervision, and practices; “standard-of-care” procedures; assisted living facilities inspections; assisted living regulations including nursing, pharmacy medication pass, dietary (kitchen cleanliness and resident nutritional status), and building maintenance, activities, etc; deficiencies and complaints; plans of corrections; dispute resolutions; federal (CMS), and state regulations; geriatric units; medication including insulin injections; nursing standards of practice; nurse training.
Thomas J. Lekan, CPP.; Product and Premises Security Expert 

Security systems design and evaluation; crime foreseeability; standards of care; causation issues; executive protection; assault; security guard operations; sexual harassment; negligent deaths; corporate fraud; security vulnerability and countermeasures; due diligence investigations; food and product tampering; product infringement/counterfeiting; security training; security management; economic crime; and police excessive force claims; educational institutions (elementary, high school, and colleges), restaurants, hospitals, lodging facilities, banks, residential communities, commercial and retail establishments, industrial facilities and manufacturing plants. 

Tracey T. Lemmon;
Propane Specialist
Propane system components, installations, and servicing; propane system engineering and design; propane bulk plants
David E. Leonard, CA;
Tree & Landscaping Expert/Arborist
Trees and landscaping; tree felling safety procedures; tree valuations; landscape restoration plans and cost; comprehensive land use planning; tree excavations; soil modifications and remediation; tree preservation; root collar excavation.

Terry D. Lewis, PI;
Vehicle Crash Reconstruction and Traffic Safety Expert; Private Investigator

Vehicle crashes (auto, truck, tractor-trailer, bus, motorcycle, train, boat, and bicycles); highway and traffic design, including pedestrian injury; driver perception and response; human factors and vision; vehicle black box analysis; seat belts and air bags; biomechanics of occupants; skip tracing-missing persons; and serving legal documents

Stephen K. Li, RA;
Senior Forensic Architect

Building design and planning; codes and standards; security systems; ADA compliance; zoning board regulations; grading and drainage; building failures; warnings; shelving and racks; fall protection; glazing, roofing, walls, windows, foundations, floor treatments, sidewalks; slips, trips and falls on walkways, ramps, stairs, docks, kitchens, and parking lots; illumination issues; design and construction of stairs, railings, ramps, ladders, and scaffolding; architectural professional liability issues and standards of practice; property damage investigations, including wind, water, and hail damage; cost estimating; surveying issues; building mechanical and electrical systems, including refrigeration; injury claim investigations; supervise field construction activities; parking lot safety guidelines.

Margo L. Logan;
Child/Daycare and Developmentally Disabled Adults Expert
Child care; daycare center administration, management, and practices, including standard-of-care; Child Protective Services (CPS) Litigation Consultant; trainer on child care government regulations; early childhood, elementary, and high school special needs programs; licensed child care investigator; foster care; developmentally disabled adults; family home child care; state child care management systems; Department of Early Learning (DEL) training; Independent Living Programs; drug and alcohol issues.
Daniel L. Maloy, CPA; Forensic Accountant Accounting and tax services including preparation of compiled and reviewed financial statements; controllership services; individual and small business tax returns; budgeting and forecasting; business valuations for business sales, buy-out agreements and divorces; present value calculation of future pension benefits in divorce cases; country club, school districts, and other non-profit accounting and tax matters; management consultation regarding company accounting and operations.
David M. Manuta, PhD, FAIC;
Senior Environmental/ Occupational

Fundamental chemical principles; electrochemistry, thermodynamics; handling safety of gases, chemicals, and oxidizers; industrial and manufacturing operations safety; fire and explosion investigations (including arson); hazardous material and radiation exposure; clandestine manufacturing of illegal drugs; cleaning and disinfecting products and equipment; worker chemical sensitivity assessments; dust and fumes exposure; fireworks incidents; spontaneous combustion; skin care products; infrared spectroscopy and gas chromatography testing; refrigerant hazards.

Daniel C. Maser, CIH, CSP, ROH;
Senior Environmental/ Occupational
Environmental and occupational assessments; industrial hygiene; health and safety regulations compliance; regulatory inspections; emergency incident response procedures; chemical safety programs (MSDS's); hazardous waste regulations; mold assessments and remediation; indoor air studies; employee training procedures; fire protection; fitness testing; salt mining operations; confined space procedures; lead abatement programs; industrial ventilation; stack emission studies.
Gary A. Mattiacci, CAR, CTAI, LPI;
Crash Reconstruction

Vehicle crash reconstruction including autos, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, off road vehicles and pedestrians; highway/road defects; roadway markings/signs; black box data evaluation; traffic analysis; traffic safety analysis; standards research; aerial photography; background checks; skip trace; witness interviews; 3-D animation.

Lawrence S. Mayer, MD, MS, PhD;
Medical and Epidemiology Expert
Epidemiology and Biostatistics; statistical data analysis; study and model review; valuation of epidemiological studies and clinical trials; meta-analysis; evaluation of causal content of epidemiological studies; drug and medical development and regulation; product liability; occupational and environmental exposures; medical malpractice; toxicology; cardiology; OB/GYN; surgery; psychiatry/neuropsychiatry; internal medicine; disease prognosis; biomedical informatics; multiple regression; time series modeling; stochastic processes; multivariate analysis; statistical inference; public policy; energy analysis.
J. Bruce McKeown;
Aviation Specialist
Military, private, and commercial aircraft and aviation systems; aviation operations; safety procedures; aviation physiology; navigation; communications; classroom aircraft systems and procedures training; cockpit jumpseat observations; single engine land, instrument ratings; fixed gear and complex aircraft qualifications; Navy fighter weapons systems; electronic warfare; tactical jet combat; air combat instructor; electronic warfare; flight controls; shipborne defensive systems; air navigation; UPS flight training; weapons security.
Randy D. Merillat, MAT;
Forensic Vehicle Expert

Vehicle mechanics including autos, trucks, trailers, buses, and agricultural equipment; includes engines, drive lines, suspension, steering, electrical systems, computer systems, heating/cooling systems, brakes, and black box data recovery.

Norman S. Miller, MD, JD, PLLC;
Medical Expert
Psychiatry; addictions; medical malpractice; product liability; medications; neurology; criminal responsibility; independent medical evaluations; detoxification; alcohol and drug addition, abuse and treatment.
Lawrence W. Moriarty; Product/Materials Expert Product design and testing; failure analysis; chemical, physical and metallurgical testing; manufacturing operations; quality control; materials and fasteners; corrosion protection; responses to banned substances (asbestos, lead, cadmium, PVC, mercury and hexavalent chromium); FMVSS, SAE and ISO requirements; evaluation and testing of cloths, carpets, leather, plastics, metals, rubber, glass, lubricants, paints, sealers, and adhesives; development of advanced automotive bumpers, body structure, and hardware; heat treating operations.
John E. Moylan, CPG; Forensic Geologist Engineering geology; hydrogeology; contaminant migration; Karst formations; rock, soil, groundwater, surface water, and wetland assessments and remedial procedures.
Michael C. Mullins, LPI; Private Investigator

Background checks; witness locating and interviewing; missing persons searches; reference checks; insurance claims work; video and photography evidence gathering; theft, drug abuse and fire investigations.

Joseph P. Mulville, PE;
Senior Civil Engineer
Licensed Engineer in Michigan
Construction practice; commercial, retail and industrial building design and construction; hoists, rigging, cranes, design, operations, and supervision; building, highway and heavy civil construction; job site safety; supervision of construction trade labor; bridges; foundations, braced excavations and intersection improvements; water and wastewater treatment facilities; underground utility, pipeline, mass excavation and open-cut trenching; aircraft hanger construction; municipal utilities and infrastructure; geotechnical investigations; shallow and deep foundation systems; land development; tunnels, caissons, cofferdams; earth embankments, dams, retaining walls, earth fill landfills; structural concrete; piers/pilings; water intrusion.
John J. Murphy, Jr.;
Insurance Expert
Insurance loss claims involving property damage, punitive damage, and personal injury; coverage evaluation; arbitration/mediation and auditing; auto liability; good faith/bad faith; chiropractors professional; construction defects; first party property damage; lawyers professional; long term exposure cases; medical malpractice; miscellaneous E&O and D&O; municipal liability; nursing home liability; products/completed operations; standard and non-subscriber workers compensation.
Susan K. Murry, MSN, CRPN;
Nursing Expert

Patient care; nursing practices; medical facility "standard-of-care" procedures; OSHA compliance; school health; family care including pediatrics, gynecology and gerontology; occupational injury assessment and treatment; child abuse and neglect screening; communicable diseases including STD's; community health education; pharmacology; pathophysiology.

John R. Nixon, PE; Firearms and Ballistics Engineer
Licensed Engineer in 26 states

Firearms and ballistics including gun and ammunitions manufacturing, usage, safety, supervision and failures; risk management; counter terrorism tactics, survival skills; weapons training; wound ballistics; non-destructive testing, including radiographic, ultrasonic, MPI, and dye penetrant techniques; ballistic "fingerprinting."

Dr. Joseph S. Ohr, Jr, MD, RPh;
Medical Surgeon, Pharmacist, and Pathologist
Medical surgery; pharmacology; anatomical, clinical, and trauma pathology; wounds; sudden infant death syndrome; cancers and tumors; therapeutics; tissue mortality; psychopharmacology; drugs and drug abuse; HIV; viruses and bioterrorism; CPR; funeral home operations/procedures, including embalming.
Rob Painter, ASE, CFEI, CVFI, CFATE;
Senior Forensic Vehicle Analyst
Vehicle transponders, ignition locks, steering columns, and anti-theft systems; vehicle fraud; production and testing of keys and locks; air bags; fire and explosion origin and cause; vehicle collision repair; auto and medium/heavy duty trucks; vehicle brakes, steering, suspension, engines, drive train, axles, air conditioning, and electrical/electronic components; auto dealership management.

Ethan Parker, PE;
Civil Engineer
Licensed Engineer in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia

Vehicle crash reconstruction, including automobiles, trucks, buses, trailers, motorcycles, water craft, and trains; analysis of mechanical and structural failures, including foundation, wall and roof collapses; vehicle defects and failures, including hydraulic/air brakes, steering and suspension, drive trains, and tires; mold remediation in homes, schools, and commercial buildings; vehicle fires and explosions, including arson; product defects, including mechanical and electrical failures; water infiltration, hail, and wind damage; roadway incidents, including road design and visibility analysis; design analysis; building code compliance; fire investigations; steel structures; glazing and roofing systems; conveyance systems; crane runways; traffic flow and accident patterns; signage and traffic signals.

Thomas A. Parker, PhD;
Entomology, including pest control, wood-destroying organisms, pesticides, and bedbug infestations; termite control; lawn spraying; commercial sanitation; fumigation; smoke odor; fungi and mold; vegetation control; aerial spraying; mosquito and malaria spraying; infectious disease control; water quality monitoring; disease surveys; field and forage crops; control of spiders; insecticide formulations; ultra-violet radiation; mosquito ecology.
Clinton Parks, PE; Products and Equipment Expert
Licensed Engineer in Ohio, Virginia, Louisiana, and North Carolina
Specialized machinery; medical products; hydraulics and pneumatics; control systems and electronics; rotating and pressurized process machines; seismic analyses; product safety; structures and structural analyses; commercial products; boilers; refrigeration systems; finite element analysis; pulp and paper industry; wood science; design for manufacturing and assembly; regulatory compliance; operational and maintenance training; field support.

Tina Pavlatos, BFA;
Graphics/Medical Illustrator

Graphic illustrations for medical textbooks, medical journals, courtroom graphics, medical websites, and patient education. Illustration style is: understandable, uncluttered, accurate, clean, straightforward and engaging. Clients include medical publishers, physicians, attorneys, pharmaceutical companies, medical journals, hospitals, and PR firms.

Thomas B. Peeler;
Plastics Expert
Part/mold design optimization; polymer materials; medical implants; CAE Analysis, including mold flow/cooling/warp analysis and FEA; problem solving and failure identification; design and cost assessments; material selection and performance; solids CAD modeling experience (Pro-E, Solidworks); process condition optimization; metal to plastic conversions; injection molding machines.

Peter J. Pfeffer;
Forensic Securities/ Brokerage Expert

Trading stocks, bonds, options, mutual funds, currencies, commodities, annuities, futures, and derivatives/swaps; training and supervision of stock and futures brokers; order execution/clearing; implementing compliance and control systems; mergers, divestitures, and acquisitions; underwriting and private placements; corporate finance; mediation services; damage calculations; compliance and control systems/procedures; international arbitration/tribunal hearings; investment and trading disputes, including fraud; financial analysis and business valuations.

Thomas R.  Piazza, CCM;
Certified Meteorologist
Meteorological incidents and weather-related evaluations for: vehicular accident reconstruction (including marine, aviation, and off-road), special events planning, construction delays, slip and fall incidents, lightning strikes, property damage, fire investigations; cyclogenesis; ozone studies; Doppler Radar; weather code displays; computer generated surface maps; road pavement temperatures; renewable energy.

Bruce Podrat, MBA, MHA;
Nursing Home and Assisted Living Expert

Health care facilities including community hospitals, multi-hospital systems, academic, medical, and research centers, managed care organizations, large physician entities, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities; standard of care; ambulatory care environments; hospital and medical staff bylaws; interpretation of JCAHO standards; managed care contracting; administrative and billing compliance; calculation of lost earnings; health care facility policies and procedures; administrative and board of trustee standards; nursing home and assisted living facility standards, policies, and procedures; physician credentialing issues; special services including trauma, oncology, ER, neonatal, ICU, open heart, and OR; negligent hiring matters; physician contract matters; applicability of intermediate sanctions rules; contract disputes between institutions and providers of service; medical compliance issues; drug errors; patient falls; coding disputes; evaluation of medical costs.

Mitchell Z. Pollak, MD, FAAOS, CIME;
Orthopaedic Surgeon
Orthopaedic surgery; IME’s (Independent Medical Exams); medical record reviews; physical force analysis; bone healing; verbal and written reports; affidavits; depositions; courtroom testimony.
Duane B. Priddy, PhD; Materials / Chemistry Expert

Rheology of plastics/plasticization; medical implants (e.g. hip/ knee/ shoulder/ elbow); materials characterization, specification, and selection; certification testing; product inspections and testing procedures; failure mechanisms; chemical and solvent resistency; weatherability, stabilization, and degradation; flammability; food packaging; automotive applications; organic peroxides; films/foams; styrenic polymers; paints and coatings testing and failure mechanisms; adhesives; rubbers, elastics, fabrics and fibers failures and testing.

Edward John Primeau, RI;
Audio and Video Expert
Audio and video engineering and recording; background noise removal/sound clarification; voice identification; audio recording authentication; micro cassette transfers to any format audio; audio conversion to compact disc or any format; video authentication and restoration; video image clarification; frame capture from video; video conversion to DVD or any format; CD ROM and DVD design and programming; acetate and vinyl restoration.
Richard W. Rau;
Senior Mechanical Expert

OSHA inspector for cranes and hoists; automotive assembly plant equipment; material handling equipment; safety training and ergonomic requirements; handling, training, showing, and judging of horses, including thoroughbred racehorses; horse competitions; judges license (6 breeds).

Rebecca A. Reier, BS, RN, CRNA (Ret.), CCS-P;
Medical Billing Expert
Medical care fees, coding, insurance requirements, and receipts; medical practice management; write offs/adjustments; future damages; medical billing fraud; claims analysis; anesthesia and analgesia; endotracheal intubation.
Rollie L. Robert, PE; Senior Electrical Engineer
Licensed Engineer in Michigan, Massachusetts, Provinces of Ontario, Quebec
U.S. and Canadian Codes and Standards; building construction; electrical equipment design, defects and damage; electrical interlocks and safeguarding; underground pipes and tanks; building electrical costs; facilities/equipment electrical design and construction; risk assessments; code compliance; electrical power and controls; electrical design safety; field safety procedures; electrical maintenance requirements; fire and security systems; electrical distribution systems; lighting systems; electric generation facilities; power security; communication systems.
William Gary Rogers, CFI, LPI;
Fire Investigator
Origin and cause investigations of fires and explosions, including structures, vehicles, and marine; fraud and arson; structural collapses; electrical and mechanical surveys; hazardous materials remediation; management operations; product evaluations; code enforcement; ground water contamination; mold and asbestos management.
Sheila M. Roof, BSN, RN, CNML, LNC;
Nursing Expert
Patient care; nursing practice; standard-of-care procedures; acute care; STEPPS care; dialysis and renal care; Medicare and Medicaid coverage; emergency department care; cardiac arrest; STEMI care; stroke care; arterial venous fistula care; certification of dialysis technicians; dermatology practice; regulatory compliance; medical records validation; allergy, dermatology, neurology, nephrology, pediatrics, oncology, endocrinology, and plastic surgery care; medical surgical care; CAPD training; chemotherapy treatments; ambulance transport; allergy care; surgical instrument handling and sterilization; surgical suite preparation; surgical technician; medication administration.
Barry S. Rope;
Packaging/ Material Handling Expert

Packaging and material handling, including products, equipment, procedures and operations; trailer/container/rail car/ocean freight loading, blocking and bracing; transportation and distribution; palletizing, storage and warehousing; product packaging and labeling; packaging materials; technical documentation; HAZMAT regulations; standards compliance; environmental issues; hot melt adhesives; shock and vibration.

Lawrence M. Roslinski, PhD;
Environmental and occupational toxicology; chemical hazard assessments; regulatory requirements; health, safety, and ergonomic studies; personal training; industrial hygiene assessment; toxic substances; physiology and pharmacology; chemical epidemiology; genetic toxicology; carcinogenic risk assessment; metabolism studies.
John W. Ross;
Trucking Expert
Trucking operations, maintenance, regulations/standards, safety, and training; oil field heavy trucking; OSHA 10; operation, inspection and maintenance of tractor-trailers and tankers; trucking industry safety standards; propane & hazardous materials certified; FMCSR trained; loading and unloading of hazardous materials safety; double/triple trailer and tanker driving experience; electronic log expertise & trainer; accident investigations; truck driver actions, reactions, responsibilities, qualifications, and training; standard of care; loading and unloading pipe and other flatbed load safety; driver skill testing; hydrocarbons and poisonous gases on oil and gas wells; troubleshoot mechanical damage and wear on vehicles; People-Net and Com-Data electronic log systems; crude oil spills and production water spills; haul production water and frac sand; inspect homes for propane leaks; install propane tanks and systems; extreme winter driving conditions; fly  fishing guide service; hazardous materials regulations; air brake adjustment and inspection testing; SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus); longer combination vehicle certificate; oil and gas H2s awareness and safety.
Elliott Howard Saferin, MD, FACS;
Medical and Plastic Surgeon
Medical surgery, including plastic cosmetic, reconstructive, and laser surgery.
Samuel M. Salamon, MD, FRCSC, FACS; Ophthalmology Expert General ophthalmology; cataract and corneal surgery; corneal scar, injury, and transplantation; diabetic retinopathy; glaucoma; eyelid disorders; ocular infection; review of medical records, verbal and written reports.

Donald E. Sanders, DVM, Dip ACT, PAS;
Veterinarian Expert

Animal reproduction; animal welfare; animal biotechnology; animal embryo transfer; livestock water supply; bovine mastitis; animal production; milk production; artificial insemination; farm management; animal parasitism; euthanasia; malpractice; animal environment; dairy management; animal nutrition; animal diseases; stray voltage; toxicology.

C. Shawn Saunders, PE; Senior Mechanical Engineer
Licensed Engineer in New York and Pennsylvania

Vehicle crash reconstructions for autos, trucks, tractor-trailers, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, and snowmobiles; vehicle fires and explosions; highway and traffic design related crashes; seat belt usage and failures; black box data; hydraulic and pneumatic systems; mechanical/electrical systems; MSDS's analyses; machine design; automotive A/C compressors; incidents related to loading, packaging, storing, and handling of products.


Thomas H. Sawyer, Ed.D., NAS, AAHPERD;
Recreation, Exercise, and Sport Safety Expert

Sports, exercise, recreation, physical education, amusement, and fitness activities and equipment; facilities operation; sport finance; sport governance; sport law; sport management; sport marketing; sport sociology; facility design including skate parks, aquatics parks, swimming pools, hot tubs/saunas/steam rooms, campus recreational sport facilities, parks/recreational areas, and golf courses; coaching and training.

Malton A. Schexneider, PT, MMSc;
Physical Therapist
Physical therapy products and procedures; acute back and neck pain syndromes; orthopaedics; acupuncture; sports medicine; Cybex Isokinetics; sports physical therapy; podiatric physical therapy; craniofacial and vertebral therapeutics; exercise training; spinal stabilization; lumbar spine; lumbopelvic integration; functional orthopedics; cervical thoracic integration; soft tissue mobilization; strength and conditioning; knee injuries; whiplash injury biomechanics and traumatology; rotator cuff pathology; back braces; spinal bracing; tennis elbow; shin splints; IT band syndrome; suprascapular nerve entrapment; herniated discs; neural tension testing and treatment; pitching mechanics; therapeutic exercise.
Bert Schiller, PE, CIH, ROH; Environmental/ Occupational Engineer
Licensed Engineer in California

Industrial health and safety; environmental site and health investigations; industrial hygiene evaluations; ordinance and regulatory compliance; facility audits; ergonomics; noise; toxicology; personal protective equipment; exposure assessments; mercury exposure.

John Schmidt;
Dram Shop and Safety Expert
Alcohol sales, service, policies, procedures; liquor law compliance and safety; underage drinking; intoxicated patrons at and upon leaving bars, restaurants, night clubs, bowling alleys, sports facilities, and special events; undercover, financial, criminal, and regulatory investigations.
Jim Scott;
Railroad Operations, Equipment, and Safety Expert
Railroad operations and equipment; safety training; train performance; commodities transportation; locomotive engineer; brakeman/foreman/conductor; air brakes; event recorders; locomotive engineer training; loading and unloading; end of train devices; derailment investigations; train emergencies; train simulators.
Robert B. Shuman, MD;
Pediatric Neurology/Neonatology
Pediatric neurology/neonatology; fetal development; perinatal medicine; birth defects; birth trauma; child development, including schooling; neuropathology; neurotoxicology; neurophysiology; epilepsy; neuroimaging: MRI, CAT, EEF; pharmacology; anatomic pathology; surgical pathology; surgical case review; peripheral nerve disease; stroke; spondylolisthesis; vitamin therapy; Downs Syndrome; electromyography; whiplash injuries; traumatic brain injury; frontal-subcortical circulation; advanced evoke potentials; migraines; headaches; depressive disorders; Alzheimer’s Disease; epileptogenesis; epilepsy; cocaine effects; closed head injuries; AED Therapy; ADHD; developmental disabilities; autism; brain tumors; neurosciences; child abuse; seizures; anti-depressive therapy; prenatal diagnosis; seasonal affective disorder; bipolar disorder; childhood depression; Tourette Syndrome; neuralgia; vagus nerve stimulation; intractable seizures; psychopharmacolory; antipsychotic and psychotropic therapy; antiepileptic drugs.
David A. Smith;
Audio Expert
Audio engineering, recording, and broadcasting; analog and digital audio analyses; speech comprehension enhancement; tape authentication techniques; computerized analysis and recovery; digital signal processing; MIDI implementation; voice recognition technology; diagnostic platforms.
David S. Smith, PhD; Maritime/ Aquatic Safety Expert, Commander USCG (Retired)

Marine and water recreation including: personal injury; vessel and equipment design, construction, operation, and maintenance; search and rescue; boat collisions and groundings; rules-of-the-road; diving; personnel safety training, including life guarding and supervision; drowning progressions - signs of drowning; cervical spine injuries due to diving; pool/beach design and construction; water skiing and tubing; jet skis/wave runners; white water rafting; incidents at, in, or below hydro electric plants and low head dams; alcohol and environmental stressors/factors including hypothermia; signs and warnings; reconstruction of water and boating incidents; PFD's (personal flotation devices); towing incidents; fire fighter water safety.

Rick A. Smith, PE;
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Licensed Engineer in Ohio
Industrial power plants and processes; thermal and combustion systems including boilers, furnaces, and ovens; CFC management; HVAC systems; air pollution control; process and power piping and equipment; cathodic protection; pump failure analysis; heat and fluid transfer processes, including energy conservation.
Jack Spadaro;
Mining Expert

Mines and mine equipment; geotechnical engineering; drilling operations; day-to-day mine operations; blasting; noise and dust control; surface haulage safety; electrical hazards; inspection methods; roof control; training for metal, nonmetal and coal mine inspectors; unsafe dump and fill sites; vehicle maintenance; health, mine and safety hazard abatement; landslide stabilization; subsidence control; mine fires; coal refuse fires, underground mine subsidences; valley fill construction, coal waste disposal; mining reclamation; coal waste embankments; excess mine spoil fills; dam construction; surface mine drainage systems; slope stabilization; mine sediment control structures; hydrology pertaining to earth and coal-related structures; underground coal mine design and surveying; roof control and ventilation plans; underground and surface mining inspections.

Henry A.  Spiller, MS, D.ABAT, D.ABFE; Toxicologist

Toxic tort; workers compensation; DUI, including drug and alcohol screening results; post-mortem drug and/or toxicology results; chemical and poison toxicology; false positive/negative urine drug screens; malpractice; occupational medicine; pharmacotherapy; addiction; inhalant abuse; mercury exposure; pediatric ingestions.


Alfred E. Staubus, PhD, PharmD;
Toxicology and Pharmacology Expert

Toxicology and pharmacology including pharmacokinetics, biopharmaceutics, and radiology; alcohol breathalyzer machines (BAC DataMaster, Intoxilyzer 5000 and 8000, and Intoximeter EF/IR II); alcohol and drug testing; clinical research.

Herbert J. Stern, MD, FACC, FSCAI;
Cardiac, cardiothoracic, and cardiovascular surgery; chest pain; down syndrome; drugs; heart catheterization; congenital heart disease; heart transplants; lesions; pulmonary atresia; arrhythmia; pulmonary hypertension; hypoplastic left heart syndrome; long QT syndrome; stents, balloons, and coils; cardioplegia; hypothermia; ventricular fibrillation; septal defects; pediatrics; pharmacology; sports medicine; strokes; Turner's Syndrome; echocardiography; angiography.
Wendy R. Steusloff, RN, ASN, LPN, ALNC;
Nursing and Nursing Home Expert
Nursing practices; patient care; standard-of-care procedures; quality and risk management policy and procedures; assisted living; evaluation and performance management; conflict resolution; patient assessments; long-term and short-term rehabilitation; medication administration; wound care; falls; pressure sores; abuse and neglect; medication errors; infections; intravenous infusions; life-sustaining measures; care planning; medical records review; nursing supervision; dementia; traumatic brain injuries; behavioral disturbances; short and long term care; tracheotomy care; catheters; peritoneal dialysis; ostomies; diabetic care; antipsychotic medications; aspiration pneumonia.
Theodore M. Streit, PE;
Registered Petroleum Engineer; Natural Resources Expert
Licensed Engineer in West Virginia

Natural resources, including gas, oil and coal; the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of gas and oil pumping, piping, and delivery systems; drilling and production technology; lease and contract negotiations; oil and gas mineral property valuations; energy development programs; oil and gas regulatory policy and implementation; disputes between natural resource (gas, oil and coal) operators and owners.


Harold 'Lynn' Stringer, BSME;
Vehicle Engineering Expert

Motor vehicle design, manufacturing, testing, and servicing including: passenger cars, trucks, buses, trailers, and private/commercial vehicle carriers; engines; fuel systems; electrical systems; lubrication systems; cooling systems; exhaust systems; drive trains; brakes; suspension; steering; wheels/tires; rear drive axles; A/C systems; vehicle crash safety structures; laboratory testing procedures.

Steven L. Stuard, QEI; Elevator Expert Elevator maintenance and repairs; modernization of elevators; installation, including associated service tasks; elevator damage and malfunction evaluation.
Robert S. Sugarman, PhD, PE;
Human Factors/Visual Expert
Human factors; visual perception; human vision (contrast, brightness, color, speed, and distance); conspicuity; attention; reaction time; product and equipment design; medical equipment; instructions and procedures; warnings and labels; individual differences training; cognitive psychology; situational awareness; vehicle accidents; industrial and construction accidents; slip and falls; ergonomics; workplace layout physics; instructional system development (ISD); perceptual processes; physiological processes; drunken driving; decreased alertness; studies of camouflage; machine interfaces; evaluation of commercial products; environmental health and safety; quality control.

Shane Tecklenburg, AAEM; Engine and Vehicle Management Systems

Spark and diesel engines; data systems and sensors; turbochargers and superchargers, Bosch K/KE Jetronic and Motronic Systems; MoTec engine management systems; nitrous oxide systems; fuel injection systems; suspension systems; engine team management.
Kevin Theriault, ACTAR, CFC, CDS;
Vehicle Crash Reconstruction Expert

Vehicle crashes (auto, truck, tractor-trailer, bus, motorcycle, bicycles, and off-road vehicles); FMSC regulations; vehicle and equipment inspections; documents research; DOT safety compliance; audit reviews; event data retrieval systems; alcohol and drug detection; emergency vehicle operations; air brake systems; ABS/FMVSS regulations; vehicle barrier crash testing; computerized accident reconstruction; biomechanics; railroad crossing incidents; driving fatigue; motor fleet safety principles and practices; fleet training; tractor trailer underride analysis; fleet risk management; police crash investigation procedures; traffic signal analysis; teaching accident investigation; robotic scene mapping.


Michael R. Tillotson, CIH, CHMM;
Industrial Hygienist

Environmental/ occupational health; occupational safety; industrial hygiene; radiation safety and health; hazardous waste management; hazardous waste sites; emergency response; pesticides/ pesticides management; asbestos; lead; noise and hazardous materials/ waste management.

Ewen C. Todd, PhD;
Food Safety and Public Health Expert
Food safety, including processing, handling, transporting, storing, and serving; food poisoning; hand hygiene; outbreak investigation; food science; hazards analysis and critical control points; restaurants and foodservice; disease transmission; toxicology; risk assessments; US and Canadian food regulations; E.Coli, Campylobacter, Salmonella, Shigella, Botulism, Ciguatera, Yeast, and other agents.
Eric A. Tolles, PE; Electrical Engineer   
Licensed Engineer in Ohio, Michigan

Industrial machinery; facilities engineering and maintenance; quality control and safety; PLC and computer control applications; electrical, control, and instrumentation systems; pick and place units; automation and robotic systems; material handling and conveyor systems; automotive, steel, food, chemical, glass manufacturing and refinery operations; systems maintenance, troubleshooting, and startup; position control; production monitoring; Man Machine Interface (MMI); alarms; tank controls; furnaces; paint equipment; personnel safety detection; humidity control; plastic extrusion; test systems; communication systems; electrical interlocks (lockout/tagout) and safeguarding; code compliance.

Teresa L. Trent, CRC, CDMS, CCM, ABVE/D; Vocational Expert Vocational rehabilitation; short and long term disability; workers' compensation; employability assessments; job seeking; skills training; job placement and development; labor market surveys; job-site analyses.
Ted A. Trower, CPO, FAAOP;
Prosthetist and Orthotist
Orthotic and prosthetic products and procedures; transtibial prosthetics; rehabilitation; flex-foot system; clinical practice procedures; ankle-foot orthoses; artificial limbs
Bruce E. VanDorpe, CFI, CFEI;
Fire and Explosion Investigator

Origin and cause of fires; fraud fires; arson and conspiracies to commit arson; fire science technology; safety engineering; electric and gas appliance fires; auto theft fires; bomb scene investigations; clandestine drug labs; criminal/terrorist incidents; interviews and interrogations; bomb disposal. 

Louis W. Van Liere, PE;
Civil/Environmental Engineer
Civil engineering; water and wastewater engineering; treatment facilities; pump stations; sanitary and storm sewer systems; water distribution systems; water booster stations; pipe corrosion; pipe breakages; pumping failures and flooding; site development; hydrologic and hydraulic studies; floodplain management; insurance studies; waste activated sludge pumping; control systems; storage facilities; oxidation ditches; clarifiers; chlorination chambers; fluoridation; cascade aeration; "greensand" filters; turbine pumps; booster pump stations; emergency generator systems; water distribution systems; ozone disinfection facilities; backwash water recovery systems; contract bid documents; biological treatment; wetlands treatment; aquaculture management; containment pond technologies; submersible pumps; flow metering; survey data collection; insurance rate maps; computer modeling; stream hydraulics; HEC-1 Flood Hydrograph Package program; HEC-2 Water Surface Profile program; Hydraulics for Bridge Waterways; Urban Hydrology for Small Watersheds; cost estimates; "water hammer" pressures.
Trent R. Waldron;
Recreation Expert

Billiard hall layout and design; standards of operation including safety; pool table refurbishment and service; billiard hall equipment, accessories and supplies.

Chad Walker;
Safety Expert

Construction and industrial equipment safety operations and procedures, including cranes, loaders, bulldozers, backhoes, fork lifts, skid steers, and aerial lifts; safety program training and maintenance; safety equipment requirements and orientations; employee safety and health issue investigations, reviews, and responses; OSHA and JSHA compliance; unsafe working conditions; safety audits; emergency response drills; emergency action plans.

Robert P. Walson, PhD;
Metallurgical/Materials Expert

Mechanical and material failures; structure and component analyses including metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, wood, and construction materials; nondestructive, microscopic, and surface chemistry testing; industrial equipment; construction equipment; consumer products; chemical processes; Scanning Electron Microscope and X-ray failure analyses; engine and power system components and materials including turbines; ceramic valve seat inserts; machine elements and design; high temperature cast irons alloyed with aluminum.


William J. Warfel, PhD, CLU, CPCU;
Insurance Industry Expert

Insurance losses involving property damage, punitive damage, and personal injury; breach of contract; bad faith; agent/broker liability issues representing policyholders, insurers, and third parties; general liability; homeowners; personal and commercial auto; commercial property; business income; individual life and disability; professional liability; employee dishonesty; workers compensation; financial institution bond; inland marine; surety bond policies.

David Weich;
Trucking Expert
Trucking operations; maintenance; regulations/standards; safety; training; flat beds; snow plows; tandem dump trucks; loader; back hoes; bus instructor; traffic control; road repair; firefighter; emergency vehicle operations; CDL and defensive training instructor; rope, ladder, hose training; search and rescue; hazmat training.
Sander I. White, DDS;
Dentistry/Oral Surgery Expert
Dentistry and oral surgery; review dental and medical records; prosthodontics; clinical instructor; restorative dentistry; dental implants.
William W. Whitworth, PE;
Utility Line/Pole Expert and Electrical Engineer
Power poles and overhead and underground electric power lines; NESC code requirements; wood pole analysis; pole loading, guying, and buckling; material failure analysis; compliance audits; conductor sag and tension; conductor blowouts; fuse coordination; fault studies; circuit loading; voltage drop analysis; capacitor bank and control; system reliability indices; system reliability; improvement recommendations; system inventories; inspections; mapping; underground and overhead distribution systems; engineering policies; programmable capacitor controls; guy/anchor failures; easements; estimates; training seminars.
James S. Wickersham, PE; Senior Mechanical Engineer
Licensed Engineer in California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Utah
Recreational activities/ facilities/ equipment, including amusement parks, playgrounds, and winter sports; fires/ explosions; gas turbine and combined cycle power plants; ski resort maintenance and operations, including security, grooming, training and supervision of all personnel; boiling water reactors; nuclear energy plants, including maintenance, supervision and mechanical tooling.
Schield M. Wikas, DO, DF, FAOCD;
Medical Dermatology
Osteopathic medicine; internal medicine; pharmacology; therapeutics; phlebology; dermal fillers; Botox injections; dermatology, including diseases, cancers, surgery, and injections; sclerotheraphy; hair transplantation/restoration; Staphylococcal Scaled-Skin Syndrome; Stevens-Johnson Syndrome; Gianotti-Crosti Syndrome; Hyperimmunoglobulin E. Syndrome; Scurvy; Epithelioid Angoisarcoma; Epithelioid Hemangioma; Scleromyxedema; Merkel Cell Carcinoma; cancer screening; venereal diseases; bacterial and fungal infections; cutaneous manifestations; hair and nail diseases; atopic dermatitis; cutaneous malignancy cancer; bullous diseases; Pyoderma Gangrenosum; acne/rosacea; psoriasis therapy.

Michael T. Williams, PE;
Civil/Environmental Engineer
Licensed Engineer in Michigan, Indiana, New Mexico

Civil/sanitary design including water distribution, sanitary and storm water sewer systems, pump stations, and wastewater treatment plants; administration, inspection and testing for construction of storm sewers, wastewater collection and treatment facilities, activated sludge systems, aerated lagoons, oxidation ditches, sequencing batch reactors, and secondary/tertiary treatment systems; inspector/technician training; site surveying and safety plans; project certifications; failures and malfunctions including foundations, retaining walls, roofs, structural failures, appliances, furnaces, swimming pools, spas, saunas, plumbing systems, hydraulic systems, fire suppression systems, environmental releases, and environmental remediation systems; hydrogeological investigations, aquifer tests, design and permitting.

Vaughn E. Wilson, PE;
Civil Engineer
Licensed in Ohio
Building, pavement, highway, and bridge design, construction, repair, maintenance, materials inspection, and demolition; material placement specifications; project and material certifications; bituminous concrete; aggregate and bituminous asphalt; surface treatments, joint repairs, and overlays; materials inspection and testing, including requirements; traffic signs and signals; pavement markings; street lighting.
Ralph W. Witherspoon, CPP;
Security and Safety Expert

Premises security and safety including planning, implementation and evaluation; crime forseeability; standards of care; causation issues; use of force; failure to protect; surveillance security systems; profiling and threat assessment; workplace violence; security training management and administration; investigation methodology; comparative security; "negligent security" (for murder, rape, robbery, and assault); false arrest; arson; marine shipping and port terminals; restaurants, bars and lounges; credit card theft and fraud; employee theft; retail and lodging security; mall and parking lot safety and security; loss prevention; shoplifting; crime scene profiling; crowd and riot control; school violence; negligent hiring; police liability.

C. Dennis Wylie, CPE; Human Factors Expert

Human factors and ergonomics engineering; driver fatigue and alertness; driving time studies; sleep quantity/quality assessments; schedule regularity; physiological testing; driver vehicle control performance; cognitive and reaction times; driver licensing standards; safety standards and regulations; driving skills; driving instructor training; truck, bus, and tractor–trailer inspections.

Christy L. Yano, BSN-RN, MSN-CRNP, ANCC, AANP Dual Certifications;
Nursing Expert
Medical facility "standard of care" procedures; aesthetic medicine service procedures; women's health care; patient care assessments, including heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, telemetry reading, respiration rate, and pain block procedures.
Robert A. Yano, PE; Senior Mechanical Engineer
Licensed Engineer in Michigan, Ohio, California, and Indiana

Mechanical/thermal systems; HVAC; hot water and steam boilers; turbines, compressors, pumps, vacuum systems and fans; industrial machinery including design, guarding, warning, training, and personal protection equipment (PPE); commercial and industrial refrigeration and freezers; vehicle engines, fuel systems, electrical systems, cooling systems, exhaust systems, drive drains, suspension, steering, body, and interior components, including seats; industrial equipment including lift gates, fork lifts, loaders, dumpsters, and car carriers; car washes; manual and automatic doors; boats and jet skis; steel, refinery, chemical, and power plant equipment; combustion and explosions; bakery and food processing equipment and operations; instrumentation, controls, and equipment/personnel safety systems; thermal, fluid, and heat exchanger systems; material handling systems, conveyors, and robotics; furnaces, heaters, and dryers; water piping/plumbing; pneumatic and hydraulic systems; power tools, including lawn mowers; natural gas, propane and other fuel systems; ergonomics, noise, and vibration; chains; hoists; and trolleys; fire protection systems; tables, ladders, and chairs; grain facility operations, systems, and equipment.

Scott M. Yano, PE;
Electrical and Medical Equipment Expert

Inspect electrical/medical equipment for design defects, damage, or misuse; review equipment requirements and specifications; evaluate maintenance requirements and implementation; inspect power supplies, electrical components, wiring, instrumentation, and controls, including design, installation, and utilization: review software programming; assess wireless (RF) and sound controlled equipment performance; evaluate the effects of electromagnetic fields on equipment and personnel.